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Crazy? You be the judge.

Excerpts from LAAnimalpals blogspot:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recent comments Received from Mary...uh, we mean Anonymous People

We've recently received a couple of "anonymous" comments asserting that the purpose of this blog is to "rag" on Mary Cummins because we are in a "feud" with her and wondering why people who care about animals would be supporting Ed Boks who so obviously does not care about animals. Well wonder no more...

1. This is a victims support blog for those who have been harassed unmercifully by Mary Cummins.
2. This blog advocates telling the truth and not advocating for a cause or person(s) or animals.
3. If you are attempting to persuade us that we should instead go to court and tell lies against Ed Boks in Mary Cummins frivolous lawsuit so that he gets fired because you believe that will help animals, you need help, as well as integrity. See when you get subpoenaed you can't ignore the subpoena and when you give testimony, you can't lie under oath.

If you care so much about animals, please explain to us why we should be silent regarding the sick abuse by Mary Cummins against legitimate wildlife rescuers and other innocent people. If you care so much about animals, please explain why we should be silent regarding the abuse of animals by Mary Cummins. Mary Cummins has posted videos of a young opposum in a bathtub while she repeatedly flicks its tail to get it to screech and cry. Mary Cummins has posted a video of a skunk that many rescuers believe show signs of severe physical abuse. Mary Cummins has posted photo after photo of squirrel genitals. We could go on and on, but why don't you just read the blog instead.

As far as we know there are no allegations that Ed Boks has ever personally abused an animal. But there are allegations and evidence that Mary Cummins has personally abused multiple animals. If you recent commentors are such "animal lovers", we are thoroughly confused as to why you cannot see the value in telling the truth about someone as sick and cruel as Mary Cummins.

In closing, if you don't like this blog because it is not anti-Boks, too bad. The blog isn't about Ed Boks or animals. IT IS A VICTIMS SUPPORT BLOG FOR THE VICTIMS OF MARY CUMMINS.

Got that?

****************9/20/07 UPDATE************

Nutty Mary Cummins is at it again. We just received the following "anonymous" comment:

"are you saying that if she takes down laanimalfriends you will take down this blog? is that what you want? or will you still continue to say all these weird things about her?"

Obviously, Mary Cummins cannot seem to understand that:




4. Mary Cummins' continued efforts to malign her victims by manipulating google search engine so that her false and defamatory blogs come up first under a search for her victims' names makes her look really sick. Plus it looks like it is motivated by a desire to dissuade people from telling the truth about her in her frivolous lawsuit.

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‪Anonymous said...

This isn't about Boks. This is about Mary Cummins and the danger she is to animals and to our society. Most people who know Mary Cummins knows she is a liar, and so with a frivolous lawsuit it is our opportunity to have the truth we have all waited for come out. We all know how she uses people and uses sex to get her way, so the claims in the lawsuit are ludicrous, that's what this is about. We are not necessarily supporters of Boks and some of us know nothing about him directly, but the truth about Mary Cummins we do know and after YEARS of harassment it is time to put an end to the abuse to humans and animals alike and get our stories out there. If this is the only way then let it be done, she has done this to herself, we didn't do this to her. I hope that the public will finally be aware and stay clear of this woman and that the safety of rescuers and animals will finally be taken into account and that she will be held accountable for all the lies, harassment, and abuse many of us have had to go through for YEARS!! She's crazy and she makes us all crazy having to watch our backs every second of the day, living in fear, because she is so unstable. Her behavior does nothing to support or help any animal community, it is totally counterproductive to what good rescuers and wildlife rehabilitators are trying to do. We do care about the animals, that is why the truths need to come to light and Mary Cummins should be stopped and stripped of her licenses once and for all. If you support the animal community then you should look at the facts and on this blog there are plenty of them and they are truths, comments that are truths from personal accounts of people not related to this blog at all. All these people cannot be lying. Bikers from biker groups cannot all be lying and those date back to years ago in 2000 and us animal people have nothing to do with those either. So we do love the animals, that is why we support the TRUTH to get out there, that is why many will come forward and tell their side. Mary Cummins has written defamatory things about people all the time, for years, why has she not been held accountable? Why is she the only one that can give an opinion? WE unlike her actually have truth to back us up on our opinions, so it's not liableous or defamatory and it is for the animals that we care so much about that we feel it necessary to speak up. Support the animal community and stop Mary Cummins, she is more of a danger because she has not been held accountable for her acts and she should be because you could be next!!! 8:27 AM

 ‪Anonymous said...

Lets be clear on something here, people who truely care about animals and want good things to happen with regards to their welfare are not going to support anything that mary is doing. She seems to think that because she lists herself as a rescuer that to put an end to what she does will hurt animals. On the contrary, removing her will clear the path for rescuers of all types to work towards a common goal of helping animlas without her lies, abuse and interference. Does anyone have the actual #s of animals she has torchured, I mean rescued. She sold her outdoor caging, where did she put the 600 or was it 1200 posums she claims to have saved. The shelter has id #s for rescue groups so they can tell you exactly what she has picked up. It is a fact that she Said was full from the beginning of the year and that her machine said she was not taking any more animals. (thank god no more were given to her to abuse)She flat out lies about the #s of animals she cares for. Its just a very few unfortunate animals that make it in to her care.10:51

Thursday, August 30, 2007

MARY CUMMINS Threatens to Sue Rescuers If They Don't Support Her Lawsuit

We recently received a great comment. It is under the "Mary's Cummins' Latest Wile E. Coyote Plot" Post.

Apparently, Mary has been annoying and harassing the rescue community. A wildlife rescuer dared to voice their opinion that Mary Cummins' frivolous lawsuit would likely cause the City to look unfavorably upon all rescuers. Of course kook Mary Cummins responds by "teaching" this rescuer the law (yeah, right) and explaining that she filed her suit with John Doe Defendants and that that means she could add the rescuer as a Defendant in regards to her defamation cause of action.

Even if MARY CUMMINS had pled a defamation cause of action in her frivolous lawsuit, which she DOES NOT, no normal lawyer is going to sue some private party for expressing displeasure that nutty Mary Cummins filed a lawsuit.

Why did Mary Cummins lie and tell the rescuer she had pled a defamation cause of action and could add her to the lawsuit? Maybe because Mary Cummins wanted to dissuade the rescuer, and any others, from testifying against her in her lawsuit and figured threatening to sue the rescuer would scare the rescuer into not testifying.

****************9/2/07 UPDATE************

Please read our comments. They reveal some very disturbing and shocking things about Mary Cummins' "treatment" of wildlife at her home.

posted by EK at 2:11 AM | 7 Comments:

I’m sorry but I have to respond to this. Let me just clarify that none of the rescue groups are going to be dissuaded from testifying. Maybe this particular person feels intimidated but I assure you that most of the people that I have spoken to are just waiting for the time and the place to line up. Everyone that I know wants this wacko locked up and is waiting for their day in court.

By Anonymous, at 7:27 pm

Well, I have been following this blog and I feel compelled to say that I have to agree. I am waiting to be able to go to court and tell my story and show documentation of what has been done to me and my very best friend by this woman. She does not scare me one bit. There is NOTHING that she can do to me or my best friend anymore so we are just waiting for the word.

By  Anonymous, at 7:34 pm

Maybe a rehabber can comment on this for me. The question here was about tubing a raccoon. Here was Mary's response. Then when rehabber made a comment to the original question (which was about tubing a raccoon) she calls the other person a stalker & not a real rehabber and threatened to sue- I wanted you to have the whole story- the other rehabber sounds legitimate to me and did not sound like she was attacking anything against the resident wacko, in fact I think it shows how wacko Mary really is. She even told the moderator of the group to kick her off because Mary is such the authority (sarcasm of course). This is very sad for all our animals- domestic and wildlife. I hope she can be stopped once and for all!!! wrote
I tube all mammals if needed, just like tubing an opossum. I tube unconscious animals, animals with breathing problems, animals that don't want to eat but should, really bad eaters... I measure and mark the tube so it would end up at sternum level. I stay to the left. Make sure the tube slides easily, then you're in the right hole. If the tube stops way short of the line, you're in the wrong hole. Pull out and try again. Go slow. Pinch the tube when you're done then pull it out slow. You don't want fluid leaking out as you pull it out. It could end up in the lung.

Mary writes:
I don't know who you are but you're obviously not a rehabber. How about
giving us your name, location, licensing like the rest of us? I sent
you a cease and desist to your email address and the group. Please,
cease and desist from attacking me and my work.

Response from legitimate rehabber: Animals that are unconscious should not be tubed for obvious reasons,
they should be put on IV fluids instead. Animals that have breathing
problems could have pneumonia and should also not be tube fed. Small
amounts of food should be given orally in a syringe that are easy to
swallow to avoid any aspiration. when tube feeding is required, the
exact amount of food needed should be known before it is put into a
syringe so dripping should not be an issue. If you don't know how much
to tube,you probably should not be tubing. The correct size tube for
the animal needs to be considered as well as placement. Going in and
out of the wrong "hole" can easily puncture the lungs. Tube feeding
should not be taken as guess work. If you insert the tube in the
corners of the mouth, the animal is more likely to swallow the tube,
(something it cant do when unconscious). Using clear tubes that have
numbers on them will help measure where to stop rather than pinching
the tube which can cause a blockage and it make it more difficult to
clean.Some people say that the head should be tilted back slightly to
create a straight line making insertion easier. Other people say that
this opens up the airways a little too much and it is better to let
the tube follow the natural bend of the animals neck keeping the tip
naturally going upward slightly. What method does everyone here

By  Anonymous, at 7:24 am

Standard vet protocal is to put an unconcious animal on iv fluids or possible place feeding tube in the stomach surgically dependent upon patients situation. Who is this idiot.

By  Anonymous, at 8:04 pm


To: cfxxxxxr@xxxxx xxx;;
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 8:18 AM

Subject: Nicole, please do something about this

This rehabber volunteer of Camarillo Wildlife run by Nicky Nowrooz continues to violate the code of ethics besides the
law. She is telling people to file false reports about me with you. That is a crime. She is also libeling and defaming me
per se by accusing me of criminal acts besides stating that I put a rubber band on a female's penis. I spoke to you about this
specific skunk as all these events happened. A vet and officer saw the skunk and stated she had neurological issues. I
even spoke with the Dr. at County who reviewed the necropsy. She said it was neurological. There was no "rubberband around
this female skunk's penis." Please, do something about rehabber volunteer Chris Fowler. writes:

It's working. The phones and emails are coming in! I knew the skunk people would come through. Can you post the following for me please? I sure hope you all are sending emails to the F&G email addy that I 
 This is important. Let them know how WRONG this is…

By  Anonymous, at 11:28 am

From: chris fowler 


Cc: Nicole Carion ; Nicky ; ; ; ; ; ; julie@SEIU347.ORG ; ; ; ; 

Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 4:07 AM

Subject: Official Notice/Witness Tampering

Mary Cummins,

On September 1st, 2007, you phoned my home where I live with my husband and child. As my husband told you during your inappropriate phone call, I have agreed to testify against you (along with many others) on behalf of the city of Los Angeles and Mr. Ed Boks. Please do not attempt to contact or harass me again. Any further attempt to contact me, my family, my friends, associations and associates, will be reported to the city and Mr. Boks as possible witness tampering.

Chris Fowler
Camarillo Wildlife

By  Anonymous, at 4:17 pm

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why is Mary Cummins so sick and crazy?

Here's our theory regarding Mary Cummins' sick stalking obssession.

Because Mary Cummins cannot accomplish anything herself, she has an uncontrollable need to viciously lash out at those who are both successful in their professional and personal lives. Notice that all of Mary Cummins' stalking victims are professionals, happily married or engaged, and attractive -- all the things Mary Cummins is not. So jealous and angry is Mary Cummins that she even stalks her victims' significant others.

In her own crazy mind, Mary Cummins fancies herself a super genius with great power. Talk about delusional. In reality, Mary Cummins is simply an impotent, POWERLESS person with NOTHING and NO ONE. Everyone knows this. Mary Cummins is a real live version of cartoon character Wiley Coyote -- a big FAT joke. Only instead of relentlessly pursuing a roadrunner in the desert with one failed plan after another, Mary Cummins relentlessly pursues her victims on the internet.

How do you get as crazy as Mary Cummins? All we can guess is that Mary Cummins' was abandoned by her mother as a baby and taken in by crazy people.

Mary Cummins crazily hopes that others will think she is a super genius because she knows how to work the google search engine. Below you will see Mary Cummins' sick and nutty threats in an email regarding the past General Manager of the Los Angeles Animal Shelter Guerdon Stuckey. The guy gets fired and what does "all powerful computer wizard" Mary Cummins want to do??? Write a nasty article about him and have it pull up first on a google search for him, of course! Why anyone would even waste their time doing this is beyond us... but we think we know why... Mary Cummins offered to sleep with poor Guerdon Stuckey and he, being a married man with morals (not to mention taste) said, "NO!" Hence, Stuckey became another Mary Cummins' victim.

Date: Jan 19, 2006 6:51 PM
Subject: Re: hey....where are your updates?

…his wife and he both have expensive tastes. He'll take the money. Stuckey is trying to turn it into a race issue by contacting the black councilmembers. He won't be able to get a job after his stint here. When this is over with I will write an article about how horrible he was, what a lousy nasty employee he was, how he couldn't take or follow orders, couldn't accomplish goals, lied to the mayor/council/commissioners....I'll put it in my site and on tons of others. One google and that article will pull up first. I know how to work the search engines.

Hi Guys,
Well, as of yesterday, I am the new victim of Mary Cummins. I will send you the emails, postings, and videos. Please keep in mind that I am a complete "doorknob" when it comes to computers so the stuff might come to you out of order or even sent twice. In a nutshell........lots of very upset skunk people from all over the country sent me two videos that Mary posted on her youtube site. I sent the videos to Fish and Game. Within minutes, Mary pulled the one video off. I don't know how to find it again but maybe you do. You better go copy her youtube as it keeps changing by the hour. Let me know what you think after I send you all this shit!

By Anonymous, at 12:40 pm

I think more emails need to be sent to Nicole Carion at our California Department of Fish & Game. 
Mary Cummins posted this video to youtube. This poor skunk does NOT look neuro to me at all. That screaming and biting at himself is a PAIN response! It looks to me like she did something like put a tight rubberband around his penis or back leg. I find this to be absolutely SICK. I would like to know what can be done about this?

By  Anonymous, at 12:42 pm

Another posted video by Mary Cummins shows an opposum that she is rehabbing? 
You can clearly see that she is pulling his tail to make him hiss for the 
camera. This has got to be a violation of the MOU's!

By  Anonymous, at 12:46 pm

THIS was Mary's own post on the horrible condition of this poor skunk. THIS is what sent me over the edge.
Of course, this post has been deleted from the website just like the opossum video but I was able to save it since it was sent to me by email. The skunk video is still up at the moment, so if you know how to save it, you better do it soon. I'm afraid I'm a "computer doorknob" and lack the skills to do this. I appreciate how many of you contacted me about these videos but I am not the person that can do anything about this. Please send your emails to:
Nicole Carion

She is the one in charge of all the rehabbers in CA.

MaryCummins (1 month ago) Unfortunately, she was not playing. She got five times worse in half an hour, biting herself and her cage viciously. It was really sad. She was doing somersaults, biting her legs, tail, towel, everything, yelling, screaming for mommy, defecating on herself, spraying. I knew she had problems when she first arrived at our center.
By  Anonymous, at 12:47 pm


To: cfxxxxxr@xxxxx xxx;;
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 7:17 PM

Chris Fowler Rehabber satellite for Camarillo Wildlife I just received these emails which you sent to others. This is libel. I did not put a rubber band on a baby female skunks penis. A vet and an officer saw the skunk and said it was neuro. They are the ones who thought it might be rabies so they sent the head to the lab. I did not yank an opossum’s tail. I put it in the tub to dry after a bath. I was picking it up to put it back into its cage. Two other nasty emails were sent to Yahoo groups. They sound very similar. I believe they probably came from you. Please, cease and desist libeling and defaming me. Mary Cummins Animal Advocates In a message dated 8/29/2007 6:47:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

By  Anonymous, at 12:48 pm

                        watch video
Video Description
This baby skunk thinks her tail is attacking her. She is very frightened fighting her tail, and her paws. She is showing extreme neurological symptoms. She had to be euthanized. Her head was sent to the lab to check for rabies just to be safe. UPDATE: Skunk did not have rabies

By  Anonymous, at 12:52 pm


To: cfxxxxxr@xxxxx xxx;;
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 12:24 PM


Chris Fowler Licensed under Nicky Nowrooz at Camarillo Wildlife

Again, please cease and desist from libeling me. Chris just posted this on the internet, see below. She is still sending around that completely untrue email to people. A licensed vet and an experienced animal control officer looked at that skunk in person. They said it was neurological and should be euthanized. I made that video and loaded it up to youtube the second after I took it so I could instantly share it with vets and rehabbers. It's hidden in my account so people do not see it when they view me. 

I sent that video instantly to many other licensed rehabbers, veterinarians, a DFG warden, Dr. at LA County Health Dept rabies division, CDC rabies division... I sent it to the owners of the wildlife rehabber lists. They ALL agreed that the skunk was exhibiting neurological problems. I even sent this video to Nicole Carion. I was emailing her about the condition of this skunk all along because I didn't think it would be releasable because it had neurological symptoms and had prolapsed it's rectum. Please, stop sending these lies around. This is libel and defamation. You are violating the DFG code of ethics which is a part of our license. You are also violating zoning regulations. It's illegal for you to rehab where you live. Nicky, I think she's your satellite. You are responsible for her actions. If she breaks DFG regulations and laws while rehabbing for you, it goes against your license.

I am a wildlife rehabber specializing in skunks only. In my opinion this poor skunk is in agony showing all the signs of being in severe pain. But instead of putting the animal's needs first, you get out your camera and make a video to post on youtube??? How sick is that??? And don't even try to say this was for educational purposes. If it was, it would have gone to a wildlife rehabber list and not here for the public to have to watch such a horrible sight!!!

By  Anonymous, at 12:53 pm


To: cfxxxxxr@xxxxx xxx;;
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 6:34 PM

After two cease and desists, it continues. Nicole, this is a violation of the code of ethics. Nicky,
this is your satellite. You are responsible for her actions in relation to wildlife rehabilitation.
Yes, that skunk was neurological. I took the skunk to the vet within ten minutes of this behavior
starting. The vet ordered it to be euthanized. It was euthanized and the head sent to the lab as the 
vet and ACO ordered. I gave that skunk the best of care. Chris here doesn't even have her own
permit. Her facility is not even legal. She used to rehab totally illegally for years.
I'm going to dig up an email. I referred a woman to her a year or two ago. My friend went to visit Chris.
Chris let the woman play with all the wild baby skunks. My friend said she had a great time. She also played
with two pet skunks. Chris here descented and spayed two perfectly normal wild skunks to keep as pets. Are
these approved educational skunks? They were descented by Dr. Cauble. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Discussions about Mary Cummins on Google Groups

See for yourselves what is known about Mary Cummins on the wide wide world of the internet.

This is long but gives you a real taste of the HELL others have gone through when encountering Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates on the internet and her never ending mission to defame people who call her on her LIES.

Mary Cummins Cobb aka MMMary and 25 other user names....."arrived on RB in October 2000. She was a motorcycle rider and thought she knew everything about the biker business. She had been pumping Ultra Motorcycle all Summer on the Yahoo Ultra M/C board in an effort to be considered for their new webmasters job. On 9/30 she got rejected for the job. She returned to the Yahoo board and suddenly switched to basher after being a company pumper all that morning. Her regular readers were shocked. On 10/15 she added RB to her bashing campaign. Her first 2500 posts were strictly bashing the Ultra board and she visited no other board. She was the single basher onboard the stock and was responsible for a decline in price from a dollar a share to around a quarter. And this was during a time the company turned the first annual profit ever. She's a pro. She starts working a board heavy with poor news and other events to gain credibility. Then she hits hard with the lies and those shareholders who aren't around too much start to believe her. When the dumping starts, its hard to stop it. She works harder, responding to every positive post, picking fights with the longs to get them TOS'ed, and making sure she is on the board 15 hours a day. Its a mission. She even works all day Christmas. What a life! I don't believe she is on anyone's payroll. I do think she is broke and has nothing invested in the market. Maybe she just discovered an alternate way to be a part of what she can't afford. Who knows. One thing for sure. Some company will come along and take her to the cleaners in some court, or someone will end up at her house someday and we will be reading about it in the papers the next morning. She's cost many people a lot of money. There will be someone out there who will want some revenge. I got lucky. I averaged down and then some buyer came along and drove the price up 4 times its recent price. I bailed. Like I said, I got lucky. Others weren't so lucky. Mary Cummins Cobb has no long positions, no positive comments about any stock, and has only one stock (HDI) that she even likes. In fact, she likes Harley Davidson so well, she advised shareholders to sell it before the price was sure to dump. It promptly went up after that advice.

Mary Cummins was sleeping with a motorcycle dude. She got daily injections of biker knowledge and the slang that went along with it. She thought she knew everything. The guy left her with nothing but a sore pooter and little knowledge of the cycle industry. In the Summer of 2000 she thought she could get a job, with all this new knowledge of the biker world, with Ultra Motorcycle Company. She started working the boards heavy as the master pumper of the company and its stock. She worked hard, 15 hours a day on Yahoo board for Ultra. She made many shareholder friends. She even arranged to take a plant tour and report back to the board. She conned board posters for their email addresses so she could report to them in more detail. Most likely, she worked for that job position while taking the plant tour because before she could get the tour typed up and posted, she got a call from the company and got turned down for the job. The company was not impressed with her. The next week she posted her first report on the tour, and it was a great report for the shareholders, and she said she would post a more complete report as she had time to type it up.

Then the job rejection came. It was 9/30/00 early in the afternoon. The board was silent. No Mary. She had gotten rejected. The scorned woman. The boyfriend had left. The biker company didn't want her. She had no job, no money, and only a few friends on message boards. What should she do? How would she get her revenge? How could she take the company down? The same way she built it up. Work the message boards hard. Take the company stock into the toilet. Destroy it. Destroy the shareholders along with it. Spend 18 hours a day online. Spend all day Christmas online. Stay up til midnight working the boards hard. Join RB and start working it too. And thats where I ran into her. I am not a Yahoo fan, and not much of a RB fan any longer. It has turned into a bashers paradise.

On 9/30/00 shortly after noon, Mary Cummins started her bashing, fraud, and slander campaign against Ultra Cycle Company. She had been pumping that morning, so her regular readers were shocked. They couldn't believe what she was posting. She even had the nerve to tell everyone her stunning report on the plant was all a lie because the company ceo had to approve her report. What a lie! As well as I know Mary Cummins, no one would ever have the approval rights to anything she was planning on posting. She made the positive report on our plant. Got turned down for a job. Started her bashing campaign all on her own. Mary Cummins is not a short. She has no money, no job, and no friends left. She is what people say, the scorned woman. She is on a revenge trip against a small company who wouldn't give in to her demands. Her trip worked too. She worked the stock down from over a dollar, and on Nasdaq, to pennies and a delisting. She worked hard and she won. The company, who had planned to offer a second release of shares to pay off its major loan due this year, couldn't make the offer due to the low price after Mary's slander campaign six months later. Her success when to her head, and she next arrived on the Titan board with a mission to take that stock down too. However she was late and it was already in the toilet. Too bad. She was late.

Unfortunately, the only explanation for this behavior is to call it a sickness. That would be a sickness only a trust kid, living in the hills of LA could afford to indulge in for instance. It may sound a bit odd, but I believe this person suffers from some form of fatigue - has been injured by the market- and that's possible! The response is this chronic, out of control behavior..... a new disease of sorts which is facilitated by the internet, and the intersection with others.

I liken it to any other form of addictive behavior- it fits! The lying, foulness and scheming, etc.... fits all the pathology you might see in an alcoholic or drug addict. My advice is to approach this person in the same way you would approach a drunk or addict who is close to their bottom. Your funds and time might be better used. I hope you are reading me correctly on this. It really is all I can offer to help you think whether the effort and use of your valuable time will be worth it. Having said all that!..... if you persist in joining the battle, more power to you. You will need it, as this is the most cunning and deliberate opponent you could ever conceive. She will get as dirty and personal in her attacks as is imaginable - in every way possible. The stock market is home to many extreme characters, and this is surely one for the book. I whole heartedly support your efforts here to expose her lies and slander.

Catching her in the lies isn't that difficult... getting her to stop posting them is another matter. - Hemipower 55  

posted by EK at 2:52 PM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Warrant For Mary Cummins -- DA Knaan says Mary Cummins is Nuts

Mary Cummins in LA of Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, ex-lover of Boks, has a warrant out for her arrest. Appears she got charged with credit card forgery and theft, couldn't afford an attorney, pled guilty with the help of the Public Defender and then simply never showed up at court again. And the warrant issued.

On a related note, when Mary Cummins started her nutty blog back in March of 2006, District Attorney Debbie Knaan (newly appointed Assistant General Manager of LA Animal Services) immediately knew that Mary Cummins and Edward Muzika were behind the defamatory blogs in the deluded and desperate hopes for jobs with LAAS. District Attorney Knaan was highly disturbed by Mary Cummins and Edward Muzika and instructed that everyone should just ignore their insane blogs. Knaan is not the only upper echelon person in LA Animal Services that is well aware of crazy Mary Cummins and Edward Muzika.

No wonder crazy Mary Cummins and Edward Muzika don't attack Knaan on their blogs. They're still hoping for a crumb... or a penny. More funny is the fact that Mary Cummins has a psychotic hatred of female lawyers...because again, Mary Cummins has no professional credentials of which to speak of and is a failure.

posted by EK at 12:31 AM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


According to a recent post on Mary Cummins' batty blog, she threatens to continue unlawfully defaming people unless this blog is taken down. As set forth in the first post on this blog, all statements in this blog are supported UNLIKE Mary Cummins' lunatic blogs. She is up to 2 blogs with defamatory material now.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates clearly has no decency or respect for the law. No wonder she was fired TWICE as a volunteer from Los Angeles Animal Services by the City of LA. Mary Cummins is so scary the City of LA doesn't want her around their employees or animals. No wonder the current General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services Ed Boks will have nothing to do with Mary Cummins -- not even for sex.

posted by EK at 2:56 PM

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Mary Cummins' defamatory blog about respected lawyers, journalists, amongst others, was removed from

After Eponym confirmed that the content was defamatory and removed the blog, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates moved to blogspot to obssessively continue her harassment and defamation of private individuals she has NEVER even met. And as support that her defamatory statements are true she inanely states, this is 100% true. Sure they are Mary Cummins. That is why you are known world wide for internet defamation. No wonder Los Angeles Council woman Janice Hahn called Mary Cummins a terrorist.

Instead of defaming people why doesn't Mary Cummins try to accomplish something in her own life? Like obtain gainful employment.

Eponym is a Limited Liability Company ran by a bunch of hicks in Arkansas so Mary Cummins was able to persuade them to put her defamatory blog back up in all of its defamatory glory. Perhaps she sent them one of her amusing mall rat photos of her in a "sexy" maid outfit from 100 years ago. L - O - S - E - R!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mary Cummins' Employment

Has Mary Cummins ever had gainful employment???? She is constantly yapping (actually lying) to everyone she can that third parties caused her to lose her job. However, the only record of employment we can find are her own self-employment attempts as a web designer, a real estate broker and now as a real estate appraiser. God only knows what is next. By the way, she advertizes on her real estate appraisal site that she is a licensed broker. She is NOT a licensed broker.

Does she really think people will believe that she fired herself??? According to this Yahoo! profile her occupation is "causing havoc on the web". No doubt that is an accurate description of her "occupation" as she seems incapable of refraining from internet defamation.

By the way, when Mary Cummins had this profile she was being sued for defamation in California, Case number LC049092.

She does have an alleged rescue called Animal Advocates. However, it is a suspended corporation, likely due to nonpayment of taxes. Perhaps she runs it now as a sole proprietorship but we believe it is for her own personal profit. She has recently given a public statement that she will no longer be rescuing but her rescue website remains. She appears to have hoarded all manner of wildlife judging from her photos and kept a fair number as pets instead of releasing them to the wild. She has also taken disgusting photos of squirrels in mid-bowel movement and with erections. She gave these photos such disgusting names as "peepootime" and "hungjuvie". She is that sick.

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